Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who is Laura Hedli?

This June, Second Stage launched it’s first ever Second Stage Theatre New Works Festival, courtesy of the Time Warner Commissioning Program. For this festival we wanted to ensure we documented every moment, so we enlisted Laura Hedli to capture each day.

Laura Hedli is currently the Theater Editor for the Columbia Daily Spectator, where she is responsible for generating all theater content, maintaining a staff of writers and both writing and editing. She grew up in Clinton, NJ and has trained as a dancer since she was six. Having worked in journalism since High School, Hedli moved from doing page layouts to one-on-one interviews with celebrities. Hedli, says some of her interview highlights include subjects such as Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls, Duncan Sheik of Spring Awakening, and Oliver Sacks, neuroscientist and author of Awakenings. The latter of these marks an interesting fact about Hedli: aside from writing about theatre, she is heavily involved in neuroscience. Currently working to finish Bachelor degree from Barnard College in Neuroscience and Behavior, Hedli, has studied alongside notable professors, such as Dr. Anna Krieger at the NYU School of Medicine, studying the correlation between Sleep Apnea and Strokes. When Hedli graduate she aspires to write theatre criticism for The New York Times and also hopes to create a musical one day.

The unique combination of her scientific and artistic sensibilities has given her a meticulous and engaging point of view that makes her the perfect writer to capture the multiplicity of voices at the Second Stage Theatre New Works Festival.

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